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Sunnyvale, CA
Welcome to the Young Adult bible study group at the Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church. Our vision is to create an environment where people can have a comfortable setting to discuss their spirituality and celebrate their faith. Whether you are just starting to learn about Christianity or have been a believer for a long time you are welcome.

Currently we meet every Tuesday from 7:30pm - 9pm in room 304 at the Church (most of us are fashionably late so 7:40pm is a good time to show up). To find the room, walk toward the sanctuary and take a right toward the outside corridor of rooms (the playground will be on your right hand side). The room will be on your left and we'll have the door open and a light on.
Joanna, SC
Worship with US! @ JOANNA CHURCH OF GOD ; ; Jesus is promoted as the truth and life. We start with praise singing, migrate to choir singing, pray for special requests and sick, continue special singing THEN preach from the KING JAMES BIBLE (other versions used for study).
Austin, TX
religion classes
Austin, TX
Geared towards college undergrads. A variety of college small groups meet once a week for fellowship and study of the Word.
Wagram, NC
Sunday Church Group for Church of Christ at Olney
Austin, TX
Open to those high school age and older who love to sing.on Sep 2, 2009
Austin, TX
This group meets to dialog with people from around the world and discuss issues that are important on our faith walk.
Austin, TX
Renewal Ministry offers an opportunity for baptized Catholic adults who 1) want to renew or update their faith; 2) need formation to receive Confirmation and/or First Communion; and 3) want to return to the Catholic Church.
Shulerville, SC
Wednesday Church Group for Three Rivers Baptist Church